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Struggling to carry out tasks that can no longer be managed safely, can cause more serious health problems. It is important to accept help when it is needed.

Although many service users have family and friends that love them dearly, they often work full time or live some distance away and they simply cannot carry out what is required to support the service user.

By using Extra Support Home Help they can be rest assured knowing their loved one has interaction and the support by a trusted provider that is needed to ensure their safety and well-being.

The type and level of support and home help that is required will be different for everyone.

We carry out a detailed free, no obligation, home assessment to discuss the specific requirements and then create and implement a support package which will assist the service user.

One of our highly trained and experienced Home Helpers will then visit and support the service user. We aim to provide the same regular Home Helper who is trained to support the service user whilst trying to encourage the service user to maintain their independence.

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